We are developing ANDROID APP YOTA and expect to launch it in July. Hopefully we will be able to launch YOTA in USA also by July or Early.

Yota Wireup

A. K. Dani

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BITOSA salute this great couple … Our respect to Mrs and Dr HC Pandey

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires ”

He was one who inspired all… Great feeling to show our gratitude towards those who selflessly helped us build our life.

Mrs and Dr Pandey are one of those for many of us. As per our discussion in last BITOSA meet, I went to pay our respect to this great couple at their residence in Lucknow. It was really nice to be with 78 years master, who still discussed so enthusiastically about the development and progress of BIT.


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Glimpses of BITOTSAV 15

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Bitotsav 2015

An appeal…

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra has emerged as a national institute by your pioneering efforts. We aim to contribute to this rich legacy and are immensely delighted to inform  that the 27th edition of Bitotsav is being organised from .19th March to 23rd March.

Bitotsav, the cultural festival of BIT Mesra has emerged as one of leading festivals in the Eastern zone with its wide plethora of cultural and management events as well participation from reputed colleges .Prominent personalities of diverse cultural fields will be part of Bitotsav 2015. Also we have initiated a social campaign for women empowerment.

A more comprehensive detail can be accessed at the following links:


Its our endeavor to raise the level and outreach of Bitotsav and your contributions for the same will be invaluable. For further details on contributions please access the below mentioned link:


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Annual Cultural Festival (“Women Empowerment”)

Dear BITians,
Please allow us to take a moment from your precious time and request you to be a part of our social initiative this Bitotsav , a 5 day Annual Cultural Festival featuring a plethora of cultural events of the Institute. Besides this, Bitotsav’15 has pledged to spread awareness about “Women Empowerment” and work towards the upliftment of women from lower strata of society. We have initiated a social awareness program on Women Empowerment to help curb the atrocities faced by Indian females in their day to day activities and then spread this noble cause with renewed vigor amongst every section and class of Indian household.

We will be organizing various awareness events in this regard such as:

  • Bitotsav Mini Marathon
  • Street Plays and Flash Mobs
  • Tour to Different cities.
  • Petition to implement laws to stop Acid Attacks.
  • Different short films/videos on awareness regarding women empowerment.

You must be proud to learn that your juniors , the current students are taking up these issues on a national platform. Hence we request you to be a part of this noble cause by contributing to this program .

Please visit the link below:
Bitotsav 2015 aims at empowering women
Stay connected with us :

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Congratulations ….Team Pratyumis

11037250_533449546797090_730562313856861614_nTeam Pratyunmis has re- verified this statement by its stunning performance in ABU- ROBOCON, 2015 held at MIT, Pune, thereby, bagging two awards :
• the best non- quarter finalist team in the event
• a cash prize of INR 35,000 from MathWorks for the best usage of MathWorks tools for ROBOCON India, 2015 where, this was the only team among the 90 teams all over India to automate the game including detection of shuttle by image processing and then hitting it in the doubles badminton game.
No doubt, the team stood 9th all over India, setting a milestone for BIT Mesra in its technical history and gaining grand recognition for the institute.
Striving through numerous technical and financial challenges in the past six months, each member of the team has worked with unmatched dedication to make this moment possible. The OAT being the arena substituted the hostel rooms for the members, where they worked day and night and even the immensely chilling cold could not deter their progress but increased the unity of the team, due to which, the on- spot technical challenges at Pune were very calmly handled.
Overall, the constant support of the alumni and faculty advisor Dr. Rajeev Agarwal and the incredible team spirit of all the members of Team Pratyunmis, fetched the recognition and level that the hard work deserved.

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To all old students…

Do you think that BIT board or it’s Chairman and Vice Chancellor, decide as to how and which Old Students group should assist students activities or the institute ?

We find that VC is promoting one group quoting that he got instructions from The Chairman to recognise only this group as Old Student. The main question which comes to my mind is, 1. Are we like a trade union where only managment recognised union would be permitted to act? 2.  Can there not be many groups for same cause ie: assisting the institute in restoring its earlier rating of 7th , all India ?  3. Should the management not concentrate on standards and rating of the institute and try to upgrade facilities and attitude, rather than start politics in Old Students groups?

In reply to his discussions and mail I have replied as below. This post is for the information and comments from all our old students,

Dear Dr Mishra,
I have personally discussed with you many times and told your about BITOSA which was formed way back in 1960 and is properly registered body in which eminent professors like Dr CB Mishra was President. We also post our every activity as well as financial detail on our website www.bitosa.org for every memebr to see.

We have kept you informed about all our activities because as per our constitution Vice Chancellor is Patron of BITOSA .It is a pleasure to know that some more groups are trying to help the institute from Bangalore. We at BITOSA, Mesra waited for their representative who had fixed an appointment with us but he did not meet us or discuss anything and went after meeting you.

The main aim of BITOSA is not to be involved in any politics or seek help from the institute but find out ways to help the Alma Matter. I find there are many old students groups in every reputed institutes which are actively supporting the same cause.

I find no reason why board should discuss this matter and not let every old student extend help to the institute or its students.

The Celebrations of Silver Jubilee as well as Golden Jubilee by BITOSA and BIT were grand success and in those gatherings more than Rs 20 lac was collected but due to uncertainty of administration about land and drawing the matter was delayed.

This year the Institute is completing its 60th year and we would like to have a grand celebration in Mesra but it would be nice only if the institute joins hand. BITOSA would be pleased to take care of the event, if an advance information about fixed date is given. We request you to make an appeal to all groups which are meeting as old students to be a party to this celebration and make it a memorable one.  Your earlier mail has shown that the process is bit complex so please do help us in routing our request to the right authority for fixing the date for this celebration.

We are also continuing with the already sanctioned and approved project of Alumni House construction for which the Institute had provided land and given us the architectural drawings. I had personal handed over those documents related with land and construction to you in your office. We have spent Rs 10.8 lacs on boundary wall construction and approx. Rs 17 lac is still there in alumni fund.

Another project with BITOSA has taken over is to create an endowment fund for students , who are in need of financial assistance for studies or projects. This financial year about Rs 3 lac is sanctioned for this. Though the amount is too little at present we hope to get more funds in future.

Thanks once again for keeping us in your message loop,

RP Shahi
President- BITOSA, Mesra

(PS: I am replying to this mail as President of one body, so I would like to inform you that the mails received or replied by me can be shared on forum of old students, as our working is very democratic and transparent.)

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Continuing the success in the field of Formula Student, Team Srijan, the Formula Student team from Birla Institute Of Technology, secured 7th position in the JK Tyre Formula Design Challenge 2015. The event was held at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore from 19th January- 25th January,2015 and saw competition among top 44 colleges all across India, including premier IIT’s, BITS Pilani and others. Maintaining the stature of Formula Student competitions, the event comprised of Static events as well as Dynamic Events. On one side, where the static events tested the basics of Design, Business Plan and Cost Analysis, while the Dynamic Events tested the technicalities, acceleration, Endurance and performance of the car under various conditions on the track. Srijan’s Flagship success included 8th position in Design and 7th In Business Plan. The judging panel included elite names of FSAE like Cloud Roulle and Pat Clarke.

This was was the fifth Formula Style Car, designed and fabricated by Team Srijan. The team’s journey began from FSAE Silverstone in 2007 followed by SUPRA SAE INDIA in 2011 and 2012. The team returned to the international front in 2013 by competing in FSAE Italy. Not only was the team ranked 7th overall in Formula Design Challenge 2015 but also was personally appreciated by Cloud Roulle, CEO of Optimum G, one of the leading simulation software in the word, to be a rising and ambitious team and branded our Brakes design as excellent. Earlier, Team Srijan secured 3rd position in the qualifying test organized by Formula Design Challenge 2015 to select the top 44 teams to go forward into further rounds.

Team Srijan would like to thank our institute, Birla Institute of Technology and its entire family for believing in us. A special vote of thanks is for BITOSA and the entire alumni brotherhood for their cherished encouragement and assistance. We would also like to thank the sponsors for their continued support and encouragement. Our success wouldn’t have been possible without them.



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The minutes of the meeting held on 20.02.2015 at Hotel Green Horizon, Ranchi

The following members were present:

  • R.P.Shahi
  • Sudhir Shahay
  • Dr BN Sinha
  • PRP Verma
  • Chandrakant Raipat
  • PK Dattani
  • Susanto Ghose
  • Prof S Samanta
  • Kedar NL Das
  • RP Singh
  • Avinash Singh – Kolkatta
  • Leave of absence to Madhukar and Dr RN Gupta
  1. Approval of Minutes of last Meeting and action taken report there off.
    It was decided to take it up all points in present meeting.
  2. Progress of endowment fund for students.
    *The a/c statement was produced which showed a balance of Rs 7,13,596.00
    *Assistance of Rs. 92,405.00 has already been given to Robotics team. It was explained that Mr Sandeep Chhabra( UAE) , BITOSA member has sent money ( RS 1.2 lac)specially for assistance to ROBOTICS Team and fund is being given to them in controlled and accountable ways.
    * Direct assistance to students: The DSW would be contacted to seek name of need base student and BITOSA shall send communication of said effect to Dean SW.Subsequently the fees will be deposited in collage account directly.
    * BITOSA shall sponsor event in BITOTASAV 2015 and also in future every year.A communication will be sent to Dean SW and also In charge Bitotsav regarding said sponsorship to encourage students. and also presence of BITOSA to be made.It has been decided to give awards to the winners in the events of BITOTSAV 15 but maximum number must not exceed 7 ( a week long event) . A Tab or similar gadget which can help students in communication may be considered as prizes.
  3. Alumni House construction progress.
    Mr Kedar explained that due to some reasons the progress of construction has been delayed. It was decided to put gate and to carry out construction of boundary wall and to arrange structure drawing and BOQ to start construction work.Mr Sona Ram ex Bitian is authourised to carry out civil work. The committee agreed to appeal to alumnus as we have only Rs 18 lac( Approx) is in alumni house account. The office bearers may visit other centers / BITans for collection of funds for construction.
  4. 4. Our President, Vice President Shri Sudhir Sahay and Mr Kedar N Lal Das met prefixed appointment meeting with VC cum Patron BITOSA and Registrar was also present..
    Brief about the meeting was given by President and Vice President. Though remark about BITans as well as to chair of VC were not to good taste, we all agreed to refrain from making any comment and work for betterment of the institute.
  5. 5. The issue of broadening the base of BITOSA and on line registrations, nominations, elections of the office bearers.
    It was agreed that a study must be conducted to make this process of on line nominations and elections and later put it to AGM as that will be the final forum to approve it.Also Data Entry of all students from 1954 to 2014 would be made and work may be initiated.
    It was agreed to send formal request to Dean Alumni to provide link to bitosa.org and also to forward complete data base mailing list to BITOSA.
  6. Celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee 60th year of BIT.
    As the involvement of institute is prime in DJ 2015, one mail must be sent to VC and other officials to know as to when this is being celebrated by the institute and to allocate one day to BITOSA to celebrate DJ 2015 as done in Golden Jubilee 2005.

Any other matter…
Sr Sudhir Sahay suggested making one B.I.T. bill board across highway as the old sign is invisible now. Mr Kedar agreed to take this up

R P Shahi (President)
Chandrakant (Secretary)

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1969 batch is having a reunion on 12th and 13th March 2015 in BIT Mesra

“1969 batch is having a reunion on 12th and 13th March 2015 in BIT Mesra.
All those who have contacts with this batch do inform them and those of the 1969 batch may contact AK Saxena, +918004921359 and email: ntpcajaysaxena@gmail.com.”

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