Our memories of the Ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.

Aaaaaaaaaa and he was gone………….

Our memories of the Ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.

The phone would ring every day at 2000 hrs, my face would light up and I would know it’s him. What’s up is what he would say and the conversation would take off ……

His silence spoke a million words. His wisdom to recognize even a sigh made him a greatest understanding person, more over my Dadu as I used to call him. Always positive, charged and great sense of humour made him stand out of crowd. He was or I would rather rephrase it to say he is my father.

His one hug was mystic that would take away all the tensions and worries like the magic wand. He taught my sister and me great lessons of life one of being to work hard and be sincere and the results would always follow and most importantly keep smiling no matter what happens in life. He never taught us how to handle the situations of life but rather left it to us to fight the battle and get the answers whether right or wrong. If it’s wrong is then he would correct us and if it’s right he would appreciate and encourage us. It always makes me proud and happy that he has made me a strong and independent human being.

His smooth touch would give me the sense of security. He being around always made me the princess of the house and I never wanted to grow up.

As I look back to past years, I realise how he used to become a teenager with my sister and me and as we moved on to face the new challenges of life, the job, how he used to be a 22 year old then 23 years old and so on with us. It seemed as if he was growing up with us. For him I guess he was becoming a small kid from heart.

He is my mentor and my guide and one fine day I would like to achieve the same serenity and silence and be just like him. You see like father, like daughter as is the saying…..

Aaaaaa was his last word that I received through the text message and then he was gone. I wish I was next to him in his last minutes to just to hear him out and hold him in my laps and give him the same tight hug that he used to give me. With his text message it seemed as if he wanted to tell me AaaaaaLL THE BEST….

I admired my mother’s guts, even in her emotional agony her love for her husband was able to conquer all and allowed her to continue working. I knew that it was difficult to dress a mannequin but to try and dress a dead-weight adult must have been close to impossible, yet she persisted. I remember her love for my father and wished that somehow my fathers spirit could speak to her, I asked God to intervene while we were on our way back home to see him resting in peace. He must have, because I could see that she was at peace with her loss, even though she had spent the night by my father’s side crying.

He was always there to hear me out, and today I stand in front of his picture as if trying to say “Dont worry be happy, I am around” and I know my voice is reaching him and he is listening every word that I tell him. And I know that he would first hear me out without a word and would help me with a response with a careful thinking as he always did – A unique style of my father.

He has left behind a legacy, his sense of humour in form of my mother. She is as lively as he was and looking at her speak, I can hear my father’s voice. It seems as if he his standing in front of me and smiling at me trying to tell he has gone no where.

He always said, “KEEP SMILING”. He had returned to whence he came. Ashes to ashes dust to dust! 21st September, 2009 will always be a day which will never change for me and now whenever I think of him I think of him with a smile….I will always miss a father’s touch and will miss you. Love you always dadu….

You were there when we took our first step. You were there to hold us tight when we were facing the challenges of our life and we know you would always be there whenever we would get stuck somewhere and will hold us with the same tender love., Dad we love you – Sonia and Sweety

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Bijay Shankar Jaitly

A  BITan from  P 62 batch, died in a minor accident in Lucknow while crossing the road as he was hit on the same location where he had an earlier injury on his head and succumbed.

He is survived by his wife and two daughters who are both in Bangalore happily married with one child each. Both his daughters and their husbands are into hospitality and hotels.

Vijay Jaitlys postings took him to Kapurthala Punjab with the Railways coach manufacturing factory.

He was lastly posted in Delhi and after retirement shifted to his lovely house in Lucknow Charbagh area.

His daughter Sweety jaitly  is in Bangalore and can be reached on,

+91 9880488414   sweety.jaitly@gmail.com


( Photo as well as these lines are from him batch mate and close friend Bob Shastry, a popular BITan staying in Vaizag)

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Dr BN SInha, Vice President- BITOSA giving away Tab as first prize..

unnamed (1)Dr BN SInha, Vice President- BITOSA giving away Tab as first prize..
The event was Mystique which was a flagship event of BITOTSAV with around 1200 participants. The event was an online treasure hunt which was conducted for a span of 3 days. the website is bitotsav.in/mystique15
the winner was Debasmita Bhowmik an Integrated Physics student from BIT Mesra.
This Tab was sponsored by BITOSA.
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Our Engineers are Best at Building the Bricks of a Supercomputer

IMG-20150810-WA0001 super-troopers-indian-engineers-are-helping-craft-the-chips-that--fuel-bulk-of-worlds-super-computers-1931

Dr Dubey,  a product of  the Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra  (Ranchi)1978 batch topper  — and the University of  Massachusetts at Amherst  and Purdue University in the US — is an Intel veteran  of over 20 and the holder of over 30 patents, who was recently honored with Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineer Award from Purdue University. H e took on a new responsibility of Fellow-in-Residence for  Intel  India.  This means he  visits regularly to mentor and guide Intel engineers in the India Development Centre and  buckles their work into the global development efforts of Intel.
His lab  always presents a record number of papers at  peer events. At the  last International Conference for HPC (SC ’14, New Orleans), an Intel  paper  on the application of supercomputing structures  for studying genome networks  was a best paper nominee. Of the 8 co-authors,  6 were Indians; including the lead author, Sanchit Misra,   4  were based in India ( from  IIT Mumbai and Intel India).
Another key paper   and a finalist for the coveted Gordon Bell award, on peta-flop computing to  simulate earthquakes  was co-authored by Dr Dubey and another Indian — Karthikeyan  Vaidyanathan.  Both Karthik and Sanchit are based in Intel India.

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Request to support Team Srijan, The Formula Student Team of BIT Mesra

Design 2016

Team Srijan, the Formula Student team of BIT Mesra, which designs, fabricates, manufactures and engineers Formula Prototype race cars for International student engineering competitions. The in-house manufactured car competes in prestigious Formula Student/ FSAE events, held all across globe. Formula Student/ FSAE is a student design cum engineering competition organized by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International). Srijan’s past ventures includes successful participation in Formula Student UK(2007) and FSAE Italy 2013. As first timers, we received enormous applause in UK. The team returned to international front in 2013 and with the valuable support of the Batch of 1962, emerged as the 2nd best Indian team. In the Indian version of FSAE named as SUPRA SAE 2012, we were successful in making lightest Space Frame Chassis.

Our recent accomplishments include a glorious 7th position in Formula Student India 2015, surpassing many prestigious IITs and BITS Pilani. Currently, the team is actively preparing for Formula Student India 2016. Our design phase has been completed and we have commenced the manufacturing of our car. To improve on our performance, it is highly essential to complete our car by October 2015, so as to commit to ruthless testing, but to a budget of 14 Lakhs, we face a crisis of funds.

Through this platform of BITOSA, we appeal to the alumni to help us bring laurels to the institute. The location of our college restricts us to approach big companies for sponsorship. The team works day and night and the members stay even in their summer vacation in order to complete the car. Currently the team is in good shape and aims to finish in top three in the event. BITOSA has always been a great platform where we can interact with our alumni. All we seek is your generous support to help us make our college proud.

If you any queries, please mail us at teamsrijan@bitmesra.ac.in or you may visit our website www.teamsrijan.com for more details.

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BIT Mesra prof develops molecules to fight cancer

RANCHI: A BIT-Mesra professor, along with a team of researchers from a UK university, has developed non-toxic molecules to act against cancer cells.

Barij N Sinha, who is the head of the department of pharmaceutical sciences at Birla Institute of Technology-Mesra, and currentely Vice President -BITOSA has been working in collaboration with a team of scientists headed by professor Bob Choudhary of the pharmacy school, De Montfort University, Leicester UK.

The project, titled ‘Design and Synthesis of Potent dual inhibitors of Cdk4 (Cyclin Dependant Kinase) and Tubulin as Anticancer Agents’, funded jointly by UGC and British Council, forms a part of the UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKERI).

Earlier, Sinha had successfully worked in collaboration with scientists from Germany and France to develop a molecule that effectively works against Chikv — scientifically described as a complex protein molecule and the causative of Chikungunya and Dengue.

Discussing about his role in the present project, Dr Sinha said his team from India comprising Dr Venkatesan J, Dr Manik, Dr A. Basu and PhD research scholars have designed and synthesized the molecules.

In many human cancers, Cdks are overactive or cdk-inhibiting proteins are not functional as a result of which uncontrolled growth of cells occur (tumours).

“Our partners from the UK have worked on the anti-cancer activities of the molecules thereby developing higher potency analogues of non-toxic molecules that already show dual inhibition of cdk enzyme and tubulin polymerisation,” he said.

The molecules systesized in the laboratory is likely to improve the solubility of poorly soluble anti-cancer drugs and improve is efficacy.

Sinha said the team was concerned about the research aspect and developing the molecules that are expected to make anti-cancer drugs more effective with least toxic side effects.

“We are going to submit our report to the UGC and British Council based on which drug manufacturing companies would be utilizing the results in future,” said one of the team members.

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BITOSA-UK Chapter Lunch Time Meeting onSunday, 6th September

Dear BITians,

Since our last two successful BITOSA-UK Chapter Meetings on 17th August and 1st February 2015, the arrangements have now been made for our next Lunch time meeting onSunday, 6th September, 2015 at 12 30 PM for 1 00 PM at:

Indali Lounge
50 Baker Street
London W1U 7BT

Tel: 020 7224 2232


The cost will be £20 per person to cover Open Bar with soft drinks, beer and wines along with Full Buffet lunch (Veg and Non-Veg), and we are hoping to reach out to almost all BITIans in UK to solicit their participation.

You are all requested to please confirm your attendance, with numbers attending by e-mail to me for finalizing the arrangements for purposes of catering.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and thank you in anticipation.

Surinder Malhotra
Convenor BITOSA -UK Chapter
1958-62 Batch Electrical/Electronics

E: smalhotra779@btinternet.com
M: 07885 498582

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The 60th year of BIT

When must the 60th year of BIT, Mesra be celebrated in Mesra,Ranchi ?

Please note that it can be done in last weekend of the months or some holidays as people coming from all over, have to have vocation at that time.
End Oct, End Nov, End Dec 2015 ???????
As hotels and halls are to be booked, dates must be finalised…Our retired profs Like , Dr Chatterji,Dr Pandey, Dr CB Mishra, Yadav Ji, Prof T.Bose and many such are to be invited and honored …
When do we start the preparation…and who all are interested…as the event is going to take place for sure, so early finalisation of dates would give us time to make better arrangements.
Share and talk to your batchmates / friends…

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Invitation For Discussion On Several Issue

Dr.Barij N.Sinha, Professor & Head at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology, ( Vice President – BITOSA ) has been invited by the Professor Larry Goodyer, Head, School of Pharmacy, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK to discuss:

(i)Progress in a Project funded by the British Council under the UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) and The University Grants Commission (UGC)

(ii) The possibility of extending scientific relationships between BIT and DMU in other areas of mutual interest.

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Helping Hands Towards Manuja

BITOSA has endorsed this appeal through it’s web page and my personal appeal on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Fellow BITans are coming forward to be with Manjula and I am getting mails as well as confirmation on fb of this.
The minimum we could do is to share her appeal on social media and our friends.
Ajit, we all are with you and now BITOSA is arranging to get your mail forwarded to all available emails…we do have more than 3000 mails with us.

All the best friends..

RP Shahi

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