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Bites from Past… Life in BIT, Mesra in 60s and 70s

The sound of siren was startling for a village boy who has entered the collage campus hesitantly with the local guardian who later explained that this is how the day starts here and even factories. He was trying to compose himself as not to make fool of his local guardian by asking too many question. The huge building with large glasses, shinning Floors, people going around talking in English and large spread of greenery in the last week of July 1965 ,all was proving too much for that 16 years old country boy. It required much self discipline and upbringing to remain calm.

The office opened at 8.10 AM and with the local guardian the boy entered the admission office watching the proceedings of filling forms, fees depositing and allotment of hostel in complete silence. Approximately 3 hours later he was taken to hostel no 3 room 60 and the local guardian introduced him to the hostel clerk as well as the room partner. The enthusiasm filled up with curiosity was leaving him and a hollow feeling was entering with the thought that guardian will be leaving him alone soon. Sensing the discomfort , local guardian took him and his room mate to mess and showed that there are many of our age and of the same class. Since I had one cousin in second year my local guardian told me to contact him in case of any problem.This was a bit comforting and both the roommates bade bye to the local guardian. Continue reading Bites from Past… Life in BIT, Mesra in 60s and 70s

Another Start Up by a BIT an….

Sarthak a 2016 graduate (Mechanical Engineering from BIT Mesra). While in the institute he was one of the founders and Vice President of AIESEC,  and a member of the managing body of UNESQUO.
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Reunions and Get Together

BITOSA-UK Chapter organises a get together

BITOSA get together organised on 24th September , 12 noon at at Gaylord Indian Restaurant, 79-81 Mortimer Street, London W1W 7SJ Tel: 020 7580 36 15.

Greetings from BITans Mumbai

to be held on 26th Nov’16 at The Lalit, next to International Airport Mumbai.



BITOSA deeply mourn the demise of Sri Anurag Anand, 1990 batch alumni , Electrical Branch. He was active member of Photographic and Fine Art Society, BIT, Mesra. He died of heart attack on 2nd August 2016 in Delhi.
He was in event management and advertising , in Delhi and celebrated his success with many of his friends including classmates few days ago. May his soul rest in peace and God give strength to his family to bear this loss. Here is the photograph f his family in that celebration.
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