The 60th year of BIT

When must the 60th year of BIT, Mesra be celebrated in Mesra,Ranchi ?

Please note that it can be done in last weekend of the months or some holidays as people coming from all over, have to have vocation at that time.
End Oct, End Nov, End Dec 2015 ???????
As hotels and halls are to be booked, dates must be finalised…Our retired profs Like , Dr Chatterji,Dr Pandey, Dr CB Mishra, Yadav Ji, Prof T.Bose and many such are to be invited and honored …
When do we start the preparation…and who all are interested…as the event is going to take place for sure, so early finalisation of dates would give us time to make better arrangements.
Share and talk to your batchmates / friends…

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Invitation For Discussion On Several Issue

Dr.Barij N.Sinha, Professor & Head at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology, ( Vice President – BITOSA ) has been invited by the Professor Larry Goodyer, Head, School of Pharmacy, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK to discuss:

(i)Progress in a Project funded by the British Council under the UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) and The University Grants Commission (UGC)

(ii) The possibility of extending scientific relationships between BIT and DMU in other areas of mutual interest.

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Helping Hands Towards Manuja

BITOSA has endorsed this appeal through it’s web page and my personal appeal on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Fellow BITans are coming forward to be with Manjula and I am getting mails as well as confirmation on fb of this.
The minimum we could do is to share her appeal on social media and our friends.
Ajit, we all are with you and now BITOSA is arranging to get your mail forwarded to all available emails…we do have more than 3000 mails with us.

All the best friends..

RP Shahi

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Fund Raising Campaign

Dear All

May be some of you are already aware of the campaign started by my daughter Manuja, which has received worldwide attention in few days.
I am myself from 1970 batch and my son a 2001 batch BITOSA member.
Please find time to view her story on and do the needful. It would be of immense help if you could share it across with your social & official contacts.

Persons willing to contribute in INR may do it at the HDFC Bank, UNB Branch Kolkata
SB A/c No 01051000158229 of MANUJA SHARMA, ISFC Code HDFC0000105; Mobile: +919836816186


Ajit K Sharma

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GoFundMe for ‘Manuja’s Medical & Education Fund’


She was in BIT as student till shifted to US for treatment.
Her father Ajit Sharma too is a BITan from 1970-75 batch.
Can we support our own !!!

Do whatever you can for her

This is the fundraising campaign for Manuja’s Medical & Education Fund: Manuja’s Medical & Education Fund

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We are developing ANDROID APP YOTA and expect to launch it in July. Hopefully we will be able to launch YOTA in USA also by July or Early.

Yota Wireup

A. K. Dani

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BITOSA salute this great couple … Our respect to Mrs and Dr HC Pandey

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires ”

He was one who inspired all… Great feeling to show our gratitude towards those who selflessly helped us build our life.

Mrs and Dr Pandey are one of those for many of us. As per our discussion in last BITOSA meet, I went to pay our respect to this great couple at their residence in Lucknow. It was really nice to be with 78 years master, who still discussed so enthusiastically about the development and progress of BIT.


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Glimpses of BITOTSAV 15

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Bitotsav 2015

An appeal…

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra has emerged as a national institute by your pioneering efforts. We aim to contribute to this rich legacy and are immensely delighted to inform  that the 27th edition of Bitotsav is being organised from .19th March to 23rd March.

Bitotsav, the cultural festival of BIT Mesra has emerged as one of leading festivals in the Eastern zone with its wide plethora of cultural and management events as well participation from reputed colleges .Prominent personalities of diverse cultural fields will be part of Bitotsav 2015. Also we have initiated a social campaign for women empowerment.

A more comprehensive detail can be accessed at the following links:


Its our endeavor to raise the level and outreach of Bitotsav and your contributions for the same will be invaluable. For further details on contributions please access the below mentioned link:

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Annual Cultural Festival (“Women Empowerment”)

Dear BITians,
Please allow us to take a moment from your precious time and request you to be a part of our social initiative this Bitotsav , a 5 day Annual Cultural Festival featuring a plethora of cultural events of the Institute. Besides this, Bitotsav’15 has pledged to spread awareness about “Women Empowerment” and work towards the upliftment of women from lower strata of society. We have initiated a social awareness program on Women Empowerment to help curb the atrocities faced by Indian females in their day to day activities and then spread this noble cause with renewed vigor amongst every section and class of Indian household.

We will be organizing various awareness events in this regard such as:

  • Bitotsav Mini Marathon
  • Street Plays and Flash Mobs
  • Tour to Different cities.
  • Petition to implement laws to stop Acid Attacks.
  • Different short films/videos on awareness regarding women empowerment.

You must be proud to learn that your juniors , the current students are taking up these issues on a national platform. Hence we request you to be a part of this noble cause by contributing to this program .

Please visit the link below:
Bitotsav 2015 aims at empowering women
Stay connected with us :

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