Audit Report of BITOSA 2015

Please click on the following link to download the Audit Report of Balance Sheet of BITOSA, Ranchi as at 2015:

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Happy Diwali and New year to all BITans


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Action to Stop Construction of Alumni House

So finally it has happened…The divisive actions have started taking its toll..

The Vice Chancellor , BIT has conveyed that DC, SSP and Forest official will be called to stop construction of Alumni House.

Now he also conveyed to one member that efforts are on to change the Board of Governors earlier decision and earlier VC’s letter to make Alumni House at designated place..
They have already done one change in their earlier decision of dealing only with Global without any reference to BITOSA, Mesra.

We have two Alumni members on Board of BIT. Now if the construction of alumni house project is stopped after spending Rs 11 lac , the BITOSA history will have place for these two members as party to closure of this project.

In our last executive meeting on 03.10.2015 it was decided to call an AGM in January 2016 and celebrate 60th year of BIT too in Mesra, Ranchi.

We will have digitised election by then and hope to get candidates as well as votes of many who could never be part of BITOSA elections. Thanks God, it is only 3-4 months till I have to carry this flag.

I as an alumni, invite all of you to be part of this AGM as well as working committee, as you can do it from any where. The dates would be announced within a week.

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Construction of Alumni Houses at Mesra

Respected seniors and my dear junior students,

Please look at these documents which authorises BITOSA to construct Alumni Houses at Mesra.

BOG,BIT approved in 47 th BOG Meeting on Oct 31, 2013 BITOSA HOUSE

1.BOG,BIT approved in 47 th BOG Meeting on Oct 31, 2013 at para 47.25 as under


The Board noted and agreed to the proposal of BIT Old Students’ Association ( BITOSA )to construct an AlumniHouse -cum-office for BITOSA inside the campus.The Board further made it clear that the physical infrastructure be at Ranchi whereas,functioning of BITOSA Global centre may be permitted from Bangalore chapter. ”

Subsequently Dr P.K.Barhai, then VC issued letter to the President BITOSA to construct BITOSA House at land where Shilanyas and Bhoomi Pujan in Golden Jubilee 2004 -2005 was carried out..



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BITOSA v/s proposed BITOSA global without any approval

To all BITans….an Important message ….

Dear all,

From – BITOSA , Mesra (H.O. )

There has been a state of a confusion by a group, with a proposed name “BITOSA-Global” by a group which now needs to be discussed and clarified.

*BITOSA was conceived and activated in 60s by initial batches and later and later was registered under societies act. The organisation was headed for long by ex- Professors like Dr C.B.Mishra, Dr AK Chatterjee and mostly collage professors were office bearers. The then Principal , Director and later Vice Chancellor were Patron as per constitution and Chairman , Chief Patron.
*the practice was to deduct RS 100/- from all passing out students deposit it in BITOSA a/c and make them life members. In fact right from 1955 to 2005 all passing out BITans are life members of BITOSA. The activities included interaction with students and alumnus with annual get together. Welcome of new students, faculty used to be regular. Hundreds of costly technical books were kept in BITOSA library to be given to those who could not buy it.
*There were active chapters in Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Jaipur, Allahabad and Bangalore.
*BITOSA played a significant role in transition from collage, to autonomous and the Deemed University declaration by conducting meetings, dinners with visiting UGC and ICTE teams.
*Silver Jubilee and Golden Jubilee was celebrated by BITOSA in the campus on grand scale. In silver jubilee celebration it was decided to construct Alumni House and many members donated funds on the spot. On advice of committee new account was opened to keep alumni house fund separately.As the land and architecture drawing was not finalised this work got delayed and in Golden Jubilee celebrations foundation stone was laid in presence of Dr H C Pandey and Mr P.P.Singh. This project too got delayed due to objections from forest dept.
*After formation of Jharkhand the application for renewal of old registration as delayed so fresh registration under society act was taken and in AGM office bearers were elected. The web site contains all informations including audited accounts and executive committee decisions.
*In 2008-09 BIT under new Vice Chancellor and Dean Alumni Relation tried to disassociate BITOSA from college first by not transferring funds collected for BITOSA from outgoing students, then by locking the room allotted to BITOSA That three year tenure was the darkest period of BIT which ended in 15 days long strike by faculty and staff and finally resignation of VC.
*The trademark registration of BITOSA ( Birla Institute of Technology Old Student Association) and its logo too was taken.
* Visited old professors like Dr HC Pandey, Dr AK Chatterjee and honored them.

The first confusion started after I received mail Varun Pandey, with a format for BITOSA Global on 6/3/13 with two drafts where “Please find the MoU we are going to sign with BIT Mesra and the Proposal of the Trust we have setup. Please let me know if you want us to modify anything in the MoU.” was opening lines.
*In my own discussions with Varun Pandey , I offered him to handle BITOSA, Mesra from Bangalore as now every thing is on cloud and asked him to introduce e-voting and e-nomination system. The discussions went on for 1 year but I realized that some thing has already been decided by a small group and they are not ready to listen to reasons.

*The Hon Secretary, BITOSA Mr Chandrakant Raipat on my request went to meet all office bearers in Bangalore, but he too was ignored. Yes, we could not meet The Chairman and put to him these points as we never thought that he would be much interested in old students organisational activities, but mailed him all the activities and invited him too for all functions.

**The points which I as ex BITan wanted clarified from this group remained unanswered till date,about the proposed association.

*The trustees, “would be distinguished BITans nominated by General Body” …….which is this general body? Existing BITOSA, HQ members or the previous Bangalore Chapter members of BITOSA? Or the 4-5 people who self declared themselves as BITOSA-Global.
*BITans from Hyderabad , Pune, Mumbai and Delhi wanted to know as to why Global is being set up in Bangalore ? They found that similar number of BITans are working in these cities too. We did ask this but there has been no explanation. Does it mean that 3-4 people can decide and snatch a registered name to run their own association?
* If the proposed association is going to be like an umbrella and would be on cloud, why not the organisation with name BITOSA which was established in 1960? Why create another group with same name for confusion? We showed them the example of our seniors in USA who have created a group in another name to help BITans. The present full team of BITOSA request this group to take over BITOSA and make it work as they wish .
*I even pointed out the patent registration of name BITOSA and its logo.

The loss due to this confusion::::

*With various mails going round a sense of confusion among Bitans is growing.
*The sanctioned project of Alumni House which has been approved by Board as well as Vice Chancellor is being pushed off. We have already constructed boundary wall of alumni house.
*Our on going projects of endowment fund to help students is getting affected.
*Right now BITOSA, Mesra being near the institute is helping students in their projects, financial needs as well as internship. This confusion is side tracking these projects.

Future plans of BITOSA as discussed in executive meetings,

*e- voting and e-nominations will be introduced and discussion with agencies going on.
*To construct alumni house with facilities like video conferencing and free accommodations for visiting BITans.
*Collect funds as per target for endowment for students .
*Make plans and work for improving infrastructure as well as technical facilities in the institute.

It may look blunt but I as an individual feel so sad that I wish to make a note of caution to the individuals who are trying to create a confusion,

*Please , do not try to spoil the basics for some small personal gains.
*The campus situation is deteriorating. Look at the students posts on social media for water , power, lack of dialogue with management etc..
*During many batch reunion it has been observed that the facilities in lab , classrooms or hostels have not changed in last 60 years while the number of students have increased 10 times.
*The Vice Chancellor, who is on contract may be trying to gain favours for an extension by being with a group which has an access to The Chairman and has two members in BIT board.

I as a BITan respect the chair of Vice Chancellor and The Chairman as they are the individuals who chair an organisation which has shaped my life, but I can not accept the fact that they will direct as how old students must function and how they must form an association.


In last I request personally to all to send comments whether old BITOSA with head quarter at Mesra should be the nodal agency or not ? Your comments or votes will be decisive factor as none of us have any personal interest except the love and respect for the Alma Matter.
If an active group wishes to run BITOSA, they are most welcomed to have approval of members and take charge but dont divide for petty gains.

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Bold letter post with BITOSA ( Tittle)

We got patent registration which can be put along with our main title and logo.

We want a bold letter post with BITOSA ( Tittle),

BITOSA is a registered trademark name and logo.

Perfect Marketing,
4/2, GEL Church Complex,
Main Road
Ranchi – 834001

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Partha Sarathy Banerjee in Executive committee of BITOSA

Partha Sarathy Banerjee a BE (1998-2002) BIT Mesra and M Tech Computer Science (2004-2006) BIT Mesra is being adopted in Executive committee of BITOSA as a CREATIVE LEAD.

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Get Together of BITOSA in UK with family

“On 6th September 2015 there was a get together of BITOSA in UK with family.

The credit goes to Mr Surendra Malhotra who invited and made arrangements.

Long live BITOSA..”

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

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Our memories of the Ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.

Aaaaaaaaaa and he was gone………….

Our memories of the Ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.

The phone would ring every day at 2000 hrs, my face would light up and I would know it’s him. What’s up is what he would say and the conversation would take off ……

His silence spoke a million words. His wisdom to recognize even a sigh made him a greatest understanding person, more over my Dadu as I used to call him. Always positive, charged and great sense of humour made him stand out of crowd. He was or I would rather rephrase it to say he is my father.

His one hug was mystic that would take away all the tensions and worries like the magic wand. He taught my sister and me great lessons of life one of being to work hard and be sincere and the results would always follow and most importantly keep smiling no matter what happens in life. He never taught us how to handle the situations of life but rather left it to us to fight the battle and get the answers whether right or wrong. If it’s wrong is then he would correct us and if it’s right he would appreciate and encourage us. It always makes me proud and happy that he has made me a strong and independent human being.

His smooth touch would give me the sense of security. He being around always made me the princess of the house and I never wanted to grow up.

As I look back to past years, I realise how he used to become a teenager with my sister and me and as we moved on to face the new challenges of life, the job, how he used to be a 22 year old then 23 years old and so on with us. It seemed as if he was growing up with us. For him I guess he was becoming a small kid from heart.

He is my mentor and my guide and one fine day I would like to achieve the same serenity and silence and be just like him. You see like father, like daughter as is the saying…..

Aaaaaa was his last word that I received through the text message and then he was gone. I wish I was next to him in his last minutes to just to hear him out and hold him in my laps and give him the same tight hug that he used to give me. With his text message it seemed as if he wanted to tell me AaaaaaLL THE BEST….

I admired my mother’s guts, even in her emotional agony her love for her husband was able to conquer all and allowed her to continue working. I knew that it was difficult to dress a mannequin but to try and dress a dead-weight adult must have been close to impossible, yet she persisted. I remember her love for my father and wished that somehow my fathers spirit could speak to her, I asked God to intervene while we were on our way back home to see him resting in peace. He must have, because I could see that she was at peace with her loss, even though she had spent the night by my father’s side crying.

He was always there to hear me out, and today I stand in front of his picture as if trying to say “Dont worry be happy, I am around” and I know my voice is reaching him and he is listening every word that I tell him. And I know that he would first hear me out without a word and would help me with a response with a careful thinking as he always did – A unique style of my father.

He has left behind a legacy, his sense of humour in form of my mother. She is as lively as he was and looking at her speak, I can hear my father’s voice. It seems as if he his standing in front of me and smiling at me trying to tell he has gone no where.

He always said, “KEEP SMILING”. He had returned to whence he came. Ashes to ashes dust to dust! 21st September, 2009 will always be a day which will never change for me and now whenever I think of him I think of him with a smile….I will always miss a father’s touch and will miss you. Love you always dadu….

You were there when we took our first step. You were there to hold us tight when we were facing the challenges of our life and we know you would always be there whenever we would get stuck somewhere and will hold us with the same tender love., Dad we love you – Sonia and Sweety

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Bijay Shankar Jaitly

A  BITan from  P 62 batch, died in a minor accident in Lucknow while crossing the road as he was hit on the same location where he had an earlier injury on his head and succumbed.

He is survived by his wife and two daughters who are both in Bangalore happily married with one child each. Both his daughters and their husbands are into hospitality and hotels.

Vijay Jaitlys postings took him to Kapurthala Punjab with the Railways coach manufacturing factory.

He was lastly posted in Delhi and after retirement shifted to his lovely house in Lucknow Charbagh area.

His daughter Sweety jaitly  is in Bangalore and can be reached on,

+91 9880488414


( Photo as well as these lines are from him batch mate and close friend Bob Shastry, a popular BITan staying in Vaizag)

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