BIT Patna Campus Students builds a Machine for the Future


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Auditor’s Report as at 31st March 2014

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We, at Silver Jubilee Celebration in 1980-81, conceptualised ALUMNI HOUSE within the campus of Birla Institute of Technology, our ALMA MATER. It is to be called BITOSA House.

A Team lead by Dr. C.B. Mishra took initiative and fund was raised. BITians pledged money. We had Rs. 11.0 lacs approximately with us on account of BITOSA House.

Due to unavoidable circumstances in 1983 and onwards the project could not take off.

We, at Golden Jubilee Celebration Co ordination Committee meeting decided to initiate once again to build BITOSA/ALUMNI HOUSE, basically to strengthen the ties, friendship and communication amongst former students, current students, faculty and friends of the institution.

The Alumni House/ BITOSA House will be a foot  print of current civilisation completely self sufficient, stand-alone unit, a short walk from the main building.

Our then Chief Patron, Dr. H.C. Pande, VC Emeritus and our then Patron., Late Dr. S.K. Mukherjee Vice-chancellor took keen interest and BIT had allotted us approx 5 Acres of land at back of Hostel No-2 and near Saraswati Temple (Partially built).  

We, in consultation with Dr. Manjari Chakravorty, Dept. of Architecture evaluated different drawings as visualised by the students of the Dept. of Architect.

We, after detail evaluation and analysis approved plan as suggested by visiting faculty Mr. Sandeep Jha, from Axis Ranchi, an IIPA, Delhi product and same was displayed at proposed site. It was not approved.

Our, then Chief Patron, Dr. H. C. Pande approved layout and building plan so prepared by the Dept. of Architecture, BIT, Mesra.  We performed Shilanayas and also Bhoomi Poojan in 2005 and 2006 at allotted site. Prof P.P.Singh was in charge and Shri Kedar Nath Lal Das under guidance of then President Shri Sushil Lohia coordinated all functions.

We did started construction of boundary wall in 2006.  The Forest Department came into and construction work was stopped. The Forest Dept. objection was imaginary since there had not been any communication or visit in record between 2006 to 2012 by the  said department.

The BITOSA HOUSE will content:

  1. Individual suite.
  2. Entrance Lobby, Heritage Lounge
  3. Reception cum General Office
  4. Library/Reading Hall, Archives and Communication Room (Internet etc.)
  5. Hall for Indoor Games, Card Room. TV Room, Pool Table etc.
  6. Restaurant (with Snacks bar) with a seating capacity of 50 Persons.
  7. Kitchen with Pantry & Store & Office/Counter and also rooms for worker with common toilet etc.
  8. Association Office and attached Conference Hall. (50 Persons)
  9. Audio –visual/Seminar Hall with a capacity of 100 Persons. Multi Media/ Acoustics.

Our then President Late K. K. Sinha arranged substantiate contribution from the batches 1955-1968 or so.  It was approve Rs. 6.0 lacs.

The present EC proposed alternate sites at IGH, next to Girl’s Hostel and near BIOTECH Building etc.  All alternate sites were not approved by BIT.The present EC met then Patron Dr. P. K. Barhai,VC with a request to grant permission to build BITOSA House at earlier allotted site i.e. behind Hostel No. 2.

Then VC Dr. P. K. Barhai in consultation with Chairman, BOG, BIT (Shri C. K. Birla) and Mr. Jajodia, Treasure, Hindustan Charity Trust gave consent to construct BITOSA House at earlier allotted site i.e. behind Hostel No. 2 subjected to approval from Dept. Of Forest, GOJ if need be.  We had engaged local contractor and boundary wall had been erected.

The building will be based on Bio- Climatic Architectural Principles. The Sun and Wind will be utilised to save energy.

The Project will be completed in 2014-15 at estimated cost approx. Rs. 3.15 crores.

We have built boundary wall at site 344 x 300 ft x 6 ft  height in December 2013 / January 2014. The Core Team will be there to execute said Project.

We can contribute in three ways to build BITOSA HOUSE through Account of BITOSA.

  1. Pay be cheque/draft/Net Banking.
  2. Pay by Credit Card on line.
  3. Transfer of stock or share or Mutual Fund.

There will be provision to avail income tax rebate and same will be notified in detail.

Bank : UCO BANK, BIT, MESRA-835215
Beneficiary : BITOSA
Account No. : 01670100002773
IFSC : UCBA0000167
Narration : Building Fund Contribution
UCO Bank, B.I.T. Mesra is our banker.

We have proposed to carry out social audit of the Project. And the Builder Association of Jharkhand will be social auditor of the Project.

Please note that all the fund collected as alumni building fund or life membership fees of Rs. 100/- each year by approx 300 final year students, is intact with BITOSA and the audited balance sheet is posted on web of BITOSA

BITOSA House Plans:


Chandra Kant Raipat

Kedar Nath Lal Das
Building Project

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BITOSA – UK Chapter

BITOSA – UK Chapter is now open.

Contact Details:

Surinder Malhotra
M: 00 44 (0)7885 498582

Folly Lane East, Lacock
Chippenham, Wilts, SN15 2LL UK

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SBI account no: 34418796200
IFSC – SBIN 0030527

Any one willing to contribute and help present students is requested to deposit any amount and send details for our records.

An appeal from Ajay Pandey, to old students prompted us to form an endowment fund, in which I will be depositing Rs. 50000/-
This fund will be managed by team of Students, Dean Student Welfare,BITOSA officials as well as Chapter heads. There is a suggestion to involve batch ambassadors too.

The target fund is Rs. 6 crore and it is to be deposited in a fixed deposit when we collect a respectable amount. The interest obtained from it will be used to help students in whatever way the committee finds suitable.
For example we do have two requests for financial help to students who are unable to continue studies due to family problems.

Ajay’s mail..
“This is for we all, including prominently: the BITans, our Alumni, our Young boys and girls, who are studying in our great institution BIT Mesra:-

A few “Endowment” statistics– Yale University- $ 23.9; Stanford- $ 21.4; MIT- $ 12.4 billion, Columbia University- $ 8.2 billion, Cornell University -$ 5.7 billion and so on.

Please look at the figures closely; very, very closely. They are in billion and that too in US dollars.
The majority of the contribution comes from Alumni, who not only pledge huge sums to their Alma Mater, but many a times, they contribute in several other ways. They employ bright students in their companies, recommend them to their friends and fund them in the hour of need. This results into a supreme confidence among the students. The confidence leads to innovation. And above all, a bonding!

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Mr. Ashok Malhotra, BIT MESRA ’75 batch alumni is the new Drug Controller, UPFSDA

Mr. Ashok Malhotra, BIT MESRA ’75 batch alumni, took over charge of Drug Controller, UPFSDA on 21st Oct 2014.


Now Drug Control of 3 states are headed by BIT alumnus:

  • Mr Subhas Kumar, P1/1972, DC, Bihar
  • Mr. Bishnudeo Lal Das, DC, Jharkhand,just retired on 31st Oct 2014
  • Mrs. Ritu Sahay,84 batch will be new DC of Jharkhand. 3 cheers for Pharmacy Deptt. BIT Mesra
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The executive committee BITOSA wishes you all a happy and prosperous Diwali


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Appeal to BITans to read this passionate mail from the captain, team Srijan which moves me for my personal little contribution to their effort…

Team Srijan – Why Formula Student !
RP Shahi <>

Dear Sir,

(In reference to your mail to Anamika, dated 16th Oct, 2014)

I am a fourth year mechanical engineering student and the captain of the team. I have been associated with the team for the past 3 years. In this mail, I have tried to explain about Formula Student from grassroot level, what it is all about and why we do it. Hope this reply satisfies all your queries.

Formula Student is all about how a team evolve, its not a one or two year project, its a project of a decade. Its about learning from your mistakes and your rivals, passing on the knowledge to your juniors, let them learn more and continue the process. There are teams in US like Cornell Racing, Germany like Stuttgart and Australia like Monash who have been participating in these sorts of events for more than 15 years. These teams are recruiting hub for Automobile giants like Formula 1 teams, Porsche, Audi, BMW etc. We keep these teams as our role model and aim to surpass them. As said it is an evolution process and will not happen in an year or two but someday we dream to see our team on International chart.

I agree to your statement we work under a fixed dimensions of rule still it provides us enough freedom to combine several disciplines of engineering into a single unit. Formula Student has enough scope of innovation with a team from Australia building their own engine while some European team manufacturing their own Engine Control Unit. We also plan to take part in innovation but once we reach to that level of evolution. It usually takes a formula team 3-4 projects to have a properly manufactured running car competent enough to finish the whole event. I am not trying to hide our failures behind a set of facts, all I am trying to say its not easy to build a car from scratch that can complete an endurance race of 22 kms. If we plan a set of 50 innovations, only 4-5 can be implemented in a year, so comparing the first and second year car won’t show you the difference but comparing the first and fifth will show you how the team has evolved.

[Read More]

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CONGRATULATIONS To BIT Training and Placement Team…


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We morn the sad demise of Surjit Kargupta, at 10 pm on Sept 12,2014 in his residence in Jadavpur.

A true engineer turned techno entrepreneur in SIRTDO Industrial Estate BIT Mesra. Initiated his enterprise in 1975 with control repair and customer tailored panel. He traveled widely at odd hours in coalfields and power stations to execute work orders and gave advise willingly to all industrial units on electrical issues.

He was married in 1980 and Bahu Di (as was popularly known) is a true lady. They are blessed with a son RONI and a daughter Guddi and both of them are settled in USA after doing MS in USA.

Dada or sujit da for all of us was chain smoker and liked his drinks with friends on weekends. A good footballer (Mid fielder) during college days and a person with nice heart.

He moved few years ago to settle down in Kolkata with his elder brother. Later he joined his batch mate Shri Sunil Sengupta and was consultant for power sub station erection and commissioning. He kept on visiting Ranchi to meet all of us often.

May God rest his soul in peace and give his family Bahu Di, Roni and Guddi, strength to bear this loss.

PS: Cremation will take place on Sept 15, 2015 about 11 a.m from their parental house at Jadavpur. You may reach them 9830878380 or on facebook through his son Ronit Kargupta.

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