Audit Report of BITOSA

Please click on the following link to download the Audit Report of Balance Sheet of BITOSA, Ranchi as at 31st March 2013:

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The architecture plan of Alumni House (BITOSA)

The architecture plan of Alumni House (BITOSA), along with the site of construction and some view of boundary construction are here for all those who wish to see one Alumni House in the campus. You can guess the place form one photo… try and post it , which will tell others how much you were outdoor while in collage… Funds would be needed but the discussion is on, whether it should be batch wise contribution or individual… any way think about it and let us know…

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Sri Om Prakash Mussadi has been appointed as Director, Drugs Control, Jharkhand State

000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000BIT Pharmacy 2nd Batch 1973 Alumni Sri Om Prakash Mussadi has been appointed as Director, Drugs Control, Jharkhand State from March ’14.

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Assistance needed in Internship

Mr Vipul Kumar, who is doing masters in Computer Engineering from Boston College, US, is son of one of our BITans Mr Bikash Kumar Singh and needs assistance in locating some nice internship this summer which is part of his course. Do help him and send your ideas with information.

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Golden Jubilee Celebrations of 1963-68 batch at BIT Mesra, 17-19 Feb 2014

Few photos from the event , Reunion of 1963 batch at Mesra.

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Are we ready to contribute to our Alma mater for its up gradation

Dear BITans,

Many of us often discuss to do some thing for the institute where we spent our best time. In various meetings few ideas have come up which may be considered by BITans for future plan.

  1. The one project which is already going on … is Alumni House construction.
    (We do have guest house in B.I.T. but in batch reunions and functions or at the time of admission we often find shortage of accommodation, and there is no Alumni office in campus where regular meetings or student chapter can function. This is a large project which can be taken up in stages)
  2. The students as well as faculty feels the need for a modern health center for students, inside the campus.
    (This will be funding modern Jim equipment, this will be a small project which will be taken up after discussing it in next Executive meeting)
  3. Institute has an auditorium which used to be OAT earlier and now it has been covered. As acoustic was not taken care of during construction, the sound echo is too much to make out what is being said through sound system.

The faculty as well as students wish that it should be improved.

This project will require expertise from a sound engineer and much larger fund.

We have requested Vice Chancellor to have one bank account where Alumnus can deposit money, either for these projects, if approved by BITOSA as well as B.I.T. or for any direct endowment , such as scholarships or chair in the departments.

Since many of the BITan groups are active through out the world, it would be better if all of them contribute through this account of B.I.T., which will not only strengthen our cause, it will improve the facilities in the campus.

( )

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Mr Surinder Seru was 1965 batch BITian.


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Best Pharmaceutical Professional Gold Medal Award to BIT Mesra Professor

Dr. R. N. Gupta ,Professor,Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,BIT, Mesra, Ranchi a BITian (1972 batch) and Hon Jt Secretary, BITOSA has been conferred the “Best Pharmaceutical Professional of the Year, 2013 Gold Medal Award on 17th January, 2014 of the 2nd Pharmaceutical Technologist International Conference, 2014 held at in Jadavpur University, Kolkata. The award was presented to him by the Indian Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and Technologists (IAPST) for his dedicated 37 years of distinguished services and contribution of industry, Research, Teaching and development of Pharmaceutical Profession in India.

We congratulate him and wish him all the best for his future work.

1 award

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Certified copy of the constitution and Article of the Association of BITOSA

We are pleased to post the certified copy of the constitution and Article of the Association of BITOSA. The audited accounts will be posted on website within this month. This will make every detail of BITOSA visible by the members.

  • Download the certified copy of the constitution  and Article of the Association of BITOSA (in PDF format) here
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Wishing you a Happy new year and an appeal from BITOSA

Dear fellow BITans,

Wishing you a Happy new year and request to spend few moments to read this note as an appeal from BITOSA…

Any organisation to remain healthy and vibrant need infusion of new ideas new technology and new blood. We BITans have a strong base of about 40000 alumni and most of them have done exceedingly well in their life but as a group we have failed to make a brand mark in the corporate world as IITs have done.

To make BITOSA, (HQ , Mesra, Ranchi ) main body more vibrant we need to have ideas from groups located at different countries, centers, metros, cities or organisations. Though BITOSA has been trying to connect every alumni, the process has remained slow. Though with the emergence of internet connecting people have become easier , it seems more persuasion and motivation is required.Request has been made to all ALUMNI to register in website.

Suggestions from active and innovative groups/ individuals have been received to include members in BITOSA, HQ Executive committee.from all over the countries.

With these in view we request all centers / groups in different cities/ metros or countries to send name of one of their active member/ office bearer to be included in the larger group which will be consulted while planning or deciding about future plans.

It is also discussed in one of the executive meetings to invite names for Batch Ambassadors, who can co-ordinate with their batch and will be part of this larger group.

Please send such names with their contact details so that a data base can be prepared for every meeting or discussions.

President- BITOSA

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